Lotti Creatives

What We Do

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective, top notch creative services for all budgets. While we specialize in public relations, we offer excellent services in other areas, including branding and marketing. To inquire more about specific services, please contact us.

Our Specialties

Public Relations

We have several packages and services available to suit your PR needs. Services offered include: bios, press releases, pitch decks, website coverage, press kits, interviews, email blasts, and more.


Marketing services are now available. Services include: campaign maps, keyword article placement, announcement or promotional flyer design, business card design, sponsor proposals, and more.


In addition to PR and marketing, we offer services related to building your brand as well. Services include: partnership proposals, sponsorship decks, logo design, social media advertising, and more.


What People Say

“Lotti did an amazing job on our Spring campaign. Social media numbers went up, and she helped us tap into new markets successfully. Highly recommended!”

Steve Devers (Target)

“Tasha was great with our fall releases. Landing Complex magazine was a big goal for us and she made it happen. Thank you Tasha!”

Mark W. (Indiefall Records)


Below are some of our individual services offered. For information about packages, please contact us.

  • Bios
  • Press releases
  • Press Kits
  • Sponsorship Decks
  • Partnership Proposals
  • One Sheets
  • Social media Advertising
  • SEO Keyword Placement
  • Campaign Building
  • Pitch Decks
  • Blog Coverage
  • Interviews
  • Email Blasts
  • Logo Design
  • Announcement Flyer Design
  • Business card Design


For more information, or to inquire, please email lotticreatives@gmail.com, or fill out the form below.

Twitter/Instagram – @lotticreatives