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Are you looking for a service to help your business with digital marketing? Lotti Creatives is the online public relations and digital branding agency that can help you meet your needs. We assist companies in generating leads and improving sales through online advertising using amazing platforms like Facebook, …

Our Qualified Team

Our excellent team is made up of smart and talented individuals from different backgrounds. Our roster includes content developers, graphics designers, web developers, and digital marketers. We are passionate about marketing and helping to promote your product. We put our hearts into every project we undertake in …


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Featured Services - 50% off!

Featured Services - 50% off!


We write professional biographies for any entity, brand, or person. If you would like to see an example, please send us a message.

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Press Releases

We will write a professional announcement for any business or entity. Additional rates may apply if we submit to the outlets on your behalf.

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One Sheets

A one sheet is something that always comes in handy, especially when booking events. Need a one-page version of a press kit? Look no …

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Extremely Professional and Always Reliable Service! 
Apr 24, 2020
Walter Jenkins


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