Frank Jordon

South Carolina has been known hold some of the most talented unheard artists, and now emerging from the Palmetto state is Frank Jordon. Born Jordon Franklin, he was birthed in Orangeburg, and raised in the state’s capital, Columbia. Frank was raised in a two-parent household with his younger sister, and brother. Frank knew at a young age he possessed talent, but didn’t take it seriously until he turned 20. Eventually he grew to love music, and finally began recording. In February 2020, Frank released his debut project, “The Kid From Carolina”, which earned him thousands of plays, and a ton of new fans. Frank’s sultry, mellow vocals, matched with his baby face good looks have garnered a lot of attention from the ladies, making it clear that his fan base has been established. Later that year, Frank linked with fellow South Carolina native and producer Mantiz, who’s produced for artists such as Da Baby, Jack Harlow, and more. Together the two created magic, producing records that were bonafide hits. To bring in the new year 2021, Frank and Mantiz have released four new records, “On The Way”, “Slide”, “Magic”, and “Mode”. All four records have collectively over 40K streams, and continue gaining steam. The releases have earned Frank many new fans, and attention from some heavy hitters in the industry. With social media numbers surpassing 250K, a loyal fan base, and the talent to know how to make a hit record, Frank Jordon is definitely an artist on the rise soon to see mainstream success.


Jay “Mantiz” McCorkle is a Columbia, SC born phenomenon whose musical talents are the epitome of the word versatile. As a producer, certified audio engineer, singer, and rapper, his mastered artistry’s stretch beyond the average music and entertainment professional in the Hip-Hop genre. His musical crafts stem from him being an accomplished trombonist, pianist, drummer, and trumpeter. Mixing his raw, God-given talents with the influences of today’s music environment, Jay was able to formulate an artist and music executive who is now known as and will be for years to come as platinum-selling producer, Mantiz.