Lotti Creatives was created in November of 2018 by Tashaunda “Tasha” Scott. Lotti, which stands for “Learning Our Talents Through Inspiration” was founded on the desire to help creatives explore their talents. Tasha was providing public relations and digital marketing services for music artists and record labels for years before finally forming Lotti. Since 2016, Tasha knew that it was time to create an agency dedicated to such services, but due to back to back projects, as well as running her site SheBloggin.com, she never found time. In October of 2018, after a 4-month hiatus, Tasha was ready to return to her passion full time, and officially launch her agency. Lotti Creatives was founded on Tasha’s passion for assisting artists and businesses of all types achieve success, while helping individuals create and pursue their dreams. We offer affordable rates, but produce top quality results. Our mission is not about money, it’s about progressing the cultures. We promise to assist you in crossing the finish line.